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1 Introduction

1.1     Preface

This document contains the final specification of the JDBC 2.0 Core API.

1.2     Target audience

The target audience for this document includes the JDBC driver vendors whose products implement the JDBC API, other vendors who want to provide support for the JDBC API in their products, and end-users developing applications using the JDBC API.

1.3     Background

The initial release of the JDBC API has been well received by both end-users developing database applications using Java technology, and vendors of database products. Due to its wide acceptance, the JDBC API has become a core Java API. We would like to thank everyone who has worked on or used JDBC technology for helping to make it successful.

Since the first release of the JDBC API, we have received valuable feedback from the members of the JDBC community regarding new features that would make useful additions to the API. We are continuing to solicit additional input and ideas from everyone who has an interest in JDBC technology, and we encourage everyone to send us their requests and ideas for new features and directions.

1.4     Organization

The JDBC 2.0 API has been separated into two parts: the JDBC 2.0 Core API and the JDBC 2.0 Standard Extension API. Chapters 2 and 3 of this document discuss goals and give an overview of the JDBC 2.0 API as a whole. The remainder of the document contains a detailed specification of the JDBC 2.0 Core API. A detailed specification for the JDBC 2.0 Standard Extension API is presented in a separate document.

1.5     Terminology

In this document we refer to the previous release of the JDBC API as the JDBC 1.0 API.

1.6     Acknowledgments

The JDBC 2.0 API design effort has been a broad industry effort that has involved over twenty partner companies. We would like to thank the many reviewers who have contributed to previous versions of the specification. We especially thank Gray Clossman and Stefan Dessloch for making the initial proposal for adding SQL3 types to the JDBC API.

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