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4.2 The RemoteException Class

The class java.rmi.RemoteException is the common superclass of a number of communication-related exceptions that may occur during the execution of a remote method call. Each method of a remote interface, an interface, must list RemoteException (or one of its superclasses such as or java.lang.Exception) in its throws clause.

package java.rmi;
public class RemoteException extends
	public Throwable detail;
	public RemoteException();
	public RemoteException(String s);
	public RemoteException(String s, Throwable ex);
	public String getMessage();
	public void printStackTrace();
	public void printStackTrace( ps);
	public void printStackTrace( pw);

A RemoteException can be constructed with a detail message, s, and a nested exception, ex (a Throwable). Typically, the nested exception, ex, specified as a parameter in the third form of the constructor, is the underlying I/O exception that occurred during an RMI call.

The getMessage method returns the detail message of the exception, including the message from the nested exception (if any).

The printStackTrace methods are overridden from the class java.lang.Throwable to print out the stack trace of the nested exception.

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