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5.11 Stub and Skeleton Compiler

The rmic stub and skeleton compiler is used to compile the appropriate stubs and skeletons for a specific remote object implementation. The compiler is invoked with the package qualified class name of the remote object class. The class must previously have been compiled successfully.

  - -v1.1 creates stubs/skeletons for the JDK 1.1 stub protocol version
  - -vcompat (the default in JDK 1.2) creates stubs/skeletons compatible with both JDK 1.1 and 1.2 stub protocol versions
  - -v1.2 creates stubs for JDK 1.2 stub protocol version only (note thatskeletons are not needed for the JDK 1.2 stub protocol)
  - -g generates debugging info
  - -depend recompiles out-of-date files recursively
  - -nowarn generates no warnings
  - -verbose outputs messgaes about what the compiler is doing
  - -classpath <path> specifies where to find input source and class files
  - -d <directory> specifies where to place generated class files
  - -J<runtime flag> passes the argument to the java interpreter

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