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8.1.2 The Semantics of Object Methods Declared final

The following methods are declared final in the java.lang.Object class and therefore cannot be overridden by any implementation:

The default implementation for getClass is appropriate for all Java objects, local or remote; so, the method needs no special implementation for remote objects. When used on a remote stub, the getClass method reports the exact type of the stub object, generated by rmic. Note that stub type reflects only the remote interfaces implemented by the remote object, not that object's local interfaces.

The wait and notify methods of java.lang.Object deal with waiting and notification in the context of the Java language's threading model. While use of these methods for remote stubs does not break the Java threading model, these methods do not have the same semantics as they do for local Java objects. Specifically, using these methods operates on the client's local reference to the remote object (the stub), not the actual object at the remote site.

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