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6.3 Stream Protocol Versions

It was necessary to make a change to the serialization stream format in JDKTM 1.2 that is not backwards compatible to all minor releases of JDKTM 1.1. To provide for cases where backwards compatibility is required, a capability has been added to indicate what PROTOCOL_VERSION to use when writing a serialization stream. The method ObjectOutputStream.useProtocolVersion takes as a parameter the protocol version to use to write the serialization stream.

The Stream Protocol Versions are as follows:

JDKTM 1.2 defaults to writing PROTOCOL_VERSION_2.

JDKTM 1.1 defaults to writing PROTOCOL_VERSION_1.

JDKTM 1.1.7 and greater can read both versions.

Releases prior to JDKTM 1.1.7 can only read PROTOCOL_VERSION_1.

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