Revised December 12, 1997

Course No.Course Name InstructorTime Location
1020.03AFIntroduction to COSC I TBAMWF14:30 121CCB
1020.03BFIntroduction to COSC I P. DymondTl2:30-14:30, R12:30 121CCB
1020.03CFIntroduction to COSC I P. CribbMWF10:30 121CCB
1020.03MWIntroduction to COSC I D. TremaineTR19:00-20:30 121CCB
1020.03NWIntroduction to COSC I TBAMWF 10:30 CLH-J
1020.03AH/S98Introduction to COSC I E. Milios
1030.03AFIntroduction to COSC II R. PaigeMWF17:30 121CCB
1030.03MWIntroduction to COSC II J. EdmondsMWF14:30 121CCB
1030.03NWIntroduction to COSC II T. BrechtTR14:30-16:00 218BC
1030.03PWIntroduction to COSC II G. GotshalksMWF10:30 121CCB
1030.03AH/S98Introduction to COSC II TBA
1520.03AFIntroduction to Computer Use I L. LowtherMWF13:30 121CCB
1520.03BFIntroduction to Computer Use I P. CribbMWF9:30 121CCB
1520.03CFIntroduction to Computer Use I A. RosenthalTR14:30-16:00 121CCB
1520.03DFIntroduction to Computer Use I P. KashiyamaMWF 16:30 121CCB
1520.03EFIntroduction to Computer Use I M. MosherMWF12:30 218BC
1520.03GFIntroduction to Computer Use I M. MosherMWF11:30 341BC
1520.03HFIntroduction to Computer Use I G. TurpinTR8:30-10:00 121CCB
1520.03JFIntroduction to Computer Use I J. HofbauerTR10:00-11:30 121CCB
1520.03MWIntroduction to Computer Use I L. LowtherMW16:30-18:00 CLH E
1520.03NWIntroduction to Computer Use I J. HofbauerMWF11:30 121CCB
1520.03PWIntroduction to Computer Use I P. KashiyamaTR14:30-16:00 121CCB
1520.03AH/S98Introduction to Computer Use I TBA
1530.03MWIntroduction to Computer Use II L. LowtherMWF12:30 218BC
1530.03NWIntroduction to Computer Use II P. CribbMWF9:30 121CCB
1530.03PWIntroduction to Computer Use II G. TurpinTR10:00-11:30 121CCB
1530.03RWIntroduction to Computer Use II TBAM16:30, W16:30-18:30 121CCB
1540.03AFComputer Use for the Natural Sc. TBAMWF15:30 121CCB
1540.03MWComputer Use for the Natural Sc. TBAT12:30-14:30, R12:30 121CCB
2001.03AFIntro. to Theory of Computation Z. StachniakTR14:30-16:00 302SC
2001.03MWIntro. to Theory of Computation G. TurpinTR8:30-10:00 121CCB
2001.03NWIntro. to Theory of Computation G. TurpinW13:00-14:30 F13:00-14:30 CLH G CLH B
2011.03AFFundamentals of Data Structures J. LiuMWF14:30 CLH K
2011.03MWFundamentals of Data Structures J. LiuW14:30-16:00 F14:30-16:00 CLH E CLH B
2011.03NWFundamentals of Data Structures J. LiuTR16:00-17:30 121CCB
2021.03AFComputer Organization H. RoumaniMWF11:30 121CCB
2021.03MWComputer Organization H. RoumaniTR14:30-16:00 341BC
2021.03AH/S98Computer Organization E. Milios
2031.03AFC, UNIX and X Window System G. TurpinT12:30-14:30, R12:30 118WC CLH J
2031.03MWC, UNIX and X Window System G. TurpinTR13:00-14:30 S137R
3001.01YOrganization & Management Seminar in SCS TBAT17:00 (every 2nd week) 321PS
3101.03AFDesign and Analysis of Algorithms A. MirzaianMW11:30-13:00 115CCB
3101.03MWDesign and Analysis of Algorithms H. RoumaniTR17:30-19:00 129CCB
3111.03MWIntro. to Program Verification P. Roosen-RungeMW11:30-13:00 114SC
3121.03AFIntro. to Numerical Computations I TBA - MathTR10:00-11:30 CLH K
3121.03BFIntro. to Numerical Computations I N. Mahdavi-AmiriMWF10:30 203FC
3122.03MWIntro. to Numerical Computations II TBA - MathMWF14:30 SLH F
3201.03AFDigital Logic Design A. WallisMWF14:30 115CCB
3201.03MWDigital Logic Design A. WallisMWF10:30 216SC
3211.03AFData Communication A. WallisM19:00-20:30




3211.03MWData Communication A. WallisMW14:30-16:00 114SC
3212.03AFComputer Networks J. MajithiaMW16:00-17:30 129CCB
3212.03MWComputer Networks J. MajithiaMW19:00-20:30 215BC
3301.03AFProg. Language Fundamentals M. WhartonMW17:30-19:00 CLH C
3311.03AFSoftware Design G. GotshalksTR16:00-17:30 115CCB
3321.03AFOperating System Fundamentals M. SpetsakisMWF16:30 321PS
3321.03MWOperating System Fundamentals H. SandhuTR19:00-20:30 115CCB
3331.03MWObject-Oriented Programming and Design E. ArjomandiTR10-11:30 115CCB
3401.03AFIntro. to Symbolic Computation G. GotshalksTR17:30-19:00 115CCB
3402.03MWIntro. to Concepts of A.I. Z. StachniakTR16:00-17:30 115CCB
3408.03AFSimulation of Discrete Systems H. SandhuTR14:30-16:00 115CCB
3411.03AFFile Structures & Data Management G. GotshalksT12:30-2:30, R12:30 115CCB
3411.03MWFile Structures & Data Management J. XuTR14:30-16:00 115CCB
3412.03AFIntro. to Database Man. Systems J. XuT9:30-11:30, R9:30 115CCB
3412.03MWIntro. to Database Man. Systems J. GryzMWF9:30 321PS
3530.03F (x-listed BC3030.03) Technical Writing for COSC TBA- BCW9:30-11:30, F10:30 326BC
4001.06SCS Workshop M. WhartonT17:00 321PS
4080.03AFComputer Science Project M. Wharton
4080.03MWComputer Science Project M. Wharton
4101.03AFAdvanced Data Structures A. MirzaianMW15:30-17:00 122CCB
4101.03MW (x-listed COSC5101) Advanced Data Structures A. MirzaianM9:30-11:30, W9:30 122CCB
4111.03AFAutomata and Computability P. DymondTR14:30-16:00 208CC
4201.03MW (x-listed COSC5590) Computer Architecture M. SpetsakisMWF12:30 120CCB
4211.03MWPerformance Eval. of Comp. Sys. H. SandhuTR16:00-17:30 222SC
4242.03AF (x-listed COSC5325) Signals and Systems M. SpetsakisMWF11:30 216SC
4301.03MWProgramming Language Design M. WhartonMW18:00-19:30 224SC
4302.03MWLanguage Processors R. PaigeMWF14:30 211SC
4321.03AF (x-listed COSC5421) Operating System Design T. BrechtTR14:30-16:00 222SC
4331.03AFComputer Graphics J. AmanatidesTR19:00-20:30 211SC
4331.03MW (x-listed COSC5431) Computer Graphics J. AmanatidesMWF11:30 129CCB
4351.03AFReal-Time Systems Theory J. XuTR16:00-17:30 129CCB
4352.03MWReal-Time Systems Practice J. OstroffTR10:00-11:30 230BC
4361.03AFHuman-Computer Communication P. Roosen-RungeMW16:30-18:00 SLH F
4401.03MW (x-listed COSC5326) Artificial Intelligence Y. LesperanceTR14:30-16:00 129CCB
4402.03AF (x-listed OSC5311) Logic Programming Z. StachniakT9:30-11:30, R9:30 218SC
4411.03AFDatabase Management Systems J. GryzT12:30-14:30, R12:30 211SC
4421.03AF (x-listed COSC5324) Introduction to Robotics M. JenkinMWF9:30 317PS
4422.03MW (x-listed COSC5323) Computer VisionM. Spetsakis MWF15:30115VC

Please note that the Lecture Schedule is subject to change without notice.