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1998/1999 Lecture Schedule


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Important Notice

The material contained in this publication has been submitted by the members of the Department of Computer Science. All general information and course references have been checked for accuracy. However, should errors or inconsistencies occur, please bring these to the attention of the Department.

The Department of Computer Science reserves the right to make changes in the information contained in this publication without prior notice. Not every course listed in this publication need necessarily be offered in any given academic year.

It is the responsibility of all students to be familiar with the specific requirements associated with the degree sought. While advice and counselling are available, it is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the courses in which registration is effected are appropriate to the programme requirements of the student's Faculty.


21/08/1998 COSC 3111 3.0 was initially posted on the webpages as Section A(Fall). It has now been corrected to Section M(Winter).
13/08/1998 The Lecture Schedule has been updated. Please click on a specific course to check for changes.
12/08/1998 Course Waiting Lists - Applications are available for some courses from August 24th, 1998 through September 9th, 1998. 
Please contact the Department at CCB 125 (or (416)736-5334) for further information. 

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