CE Student Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Computer Engineering student advisor?

Please contact Bob Prince, the Director of Engineerng.

What COSC sections are for Engineering students?

In 2003-04 we have reserving spots for engineering students in only the following sections:

To enroll in a different section first get permission from the engineering director, Bob Prince.

I want to drop one of my courses. What should I do?

We STRONGLY recommend that you talk to the Engineering Director Bob Prince before you drop the course.

Many of your courses are specialized they are only offered once a year. Also, there is a strong prerequisite structure for many of your courses. Thus, if you drop the wrong course you can put yourself behind a year. For example, if you are in second-year Computer Engineering, if you drop 2011 or 2021 you need to pick them up in the summer or you'll be a year behind.

Talk to an advisor to help you decide what to do.

What are the GPA requirments for CS courses?

To get into 2nd-year CS courses you need a C+ in COSC 1030. However, for engineering students, esp. those who only need 2nd-year CS courses, on a case-by-case basis we have been allowing students in with a C.

To get into 3rd and 4th-year CS courses you need a 4.5 GPA average over the most recent CS courses that you've completed. Again, we can look at students on a case-by-case basis.

What about accreditation?

All Engineering programs offered by Canadian Universities are required to be accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board(CEAB). For new programs such the ones at York,the accreditation process is normally undertaken in the term in which students are about to graduate. The York CE program will be examined by the CEAB sometime in the Winter 2005. However it is anticipated that we will have a mock (trial) accreditation exercise in 2004. This will be done by an external reviewer in accordance with the procedures outlined by the CEAB. You can find additional information about accreditation at the CEAB website http://www.ccpe.ca"

Revised: July 16, 2003