CSE Information Guide
Enrollment Guidelines
for Visiting and Exchange Students

Last Modified: 2005 October 27

Visiting students are students who are taking credit courses at York, but who are not proceeding towards a degree or certificate at this University. To qualify as a visiting student you either:

Visiting students apply for CSE courses using Normal Progress Forms (see the enrollment guide for majors). Due to the difficulty in finding spaces for all students enrolled in CSE programs, we cannot guarantee that spaces will exist for visiting students.

Exchange students from a university affiliated with York University and who are visiting the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are not included in the visiting student category with respect to access to courses. They have the same access to courses as CSE majors (see the enrollment guide for majors).

Note. The phrase "permission of the course director" is being used in various university publications with a variety of meanings. In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, this phrase conveys a consultative process between the instructor and the undergraduate office. However, at the conclusion of such consultation, permission is granted or denied at the sole discretion of the undergraduate office.