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About Program Requirements

Last revised: 2015 February 1
  1. Which program requirements do I follow in the CS or CSEC programs?

  2. What do you mean by normal progress?

  3. Can 4000-level courses be taken by students in a 90 credits degree program?

  4. Can 4000-level courses be substituted for 3000-level courses?

  5. One often encounters the phrases " taken..." or " completed..." found in descriptions of prerequisites, gpa calculations, degree requirements. What does this mean? Is a course that I have finsished with an "E" or "F" "taken" (or "completed")? Is a course in which I registered but then dropped "taken"?

  6. Can I take EECS courses at other universities?

  7. Are there restrictions on the number of EECS courses taken out of the department?

  8. What are the core courses?

  9. Can I substitute MATH 2221 or MATH1021 for MATH 1025 to meet CS/CSEC requirements?

  10. What if I opt to graduate with a Bachelor ("Ordinary") degree but immediately continue with an Honours degree that I am already enrolled in? Is this considered to be a break in my (Honours) studies; i.e., do I use the new regulations at the time of "resuming" the honours program, or is this a continuation of studies and I can continue with my original program requirements?

  11. I am an ITEC student and want to transfer to CS/CSEC.  ITEC requires MATH 1190 and MATH2320, while CS/CSEC require EECS/MATH 1019 and MATH1090. Do I need to take MATH 1090 and EECS/MATH1019?

  12. I am applying with a non-English educational background. What are the English Language Admission Requirements?

  13. What gpa do I need for switching into CS/CSEC if I have 3 credits from a math for majors course (second digit is not 5) and 3 credits from a math service courses (second digit 5)?

  14. What is the difference between a BA, BSc and BEng (formerly BASc)?

  15. What MATH courses are used to compute the prerequisite for EECS 1020?

  16. What is the graduation grade point average (gpa) requirement for BSc and BA degrees?

  17. What is the graduation grade point average (gpa) requirement for BEng degree?

  18. Can I apply pass/fail option for EECS courses?

  19. How do I change Faculties, majors, or degrees?

  20. What is the relationship between MATH 1090, 1190, 2090, 1019 and 2320?

  21. How does one get into the engineering program?

  22. What are the criteria for transferring majors into the engineering program?

  23. Can I retake an EECS course to improve my gpa?
  24. The general prerequisites for most EECS3xxx and EECS4xxx courses include a requirement that the gpa over all completed EECS major courses is at least 4.5. How is this computed?
  25. I notice that MATH (EECS) 1019 is a prerequisite for some EECS2xxx courses, and also a degree requirement. Must all students who need to take such EECS2xxx courses and/or major in a CS/EECSC/DIGM Program take this course?
  26. I notice that MATH (EECS) 1019 and MATH2320 are exclusions. May I take MATH2320 to satisfy the MATH1019 requirement?