Past Graduate Student Supervision

Name Thesis/Project Title Degree Year Completed
Emad Gohari Interactive Question Answering Using Frame-Based Knowledge Representation M.Sc. 2018
Forouq Khonsari Mining Large-Scale News Articles for Predicting Forced Migration via Machine Learning Techniques M.Sc. 2018
Ameeta Agrawal Enriching Affect Analysis through Emotion and Sarcasm Detection Ph.D. 2018
Morteza Zihayat Mining High Utility Patterns over Data Streams Ph.D. 2016
Yan (Jason) Chen Approximate Parallel High Utility Itemset Mining M.Sc. 2015
Elnaz Delpisheh Extending Topic Models with Syntax and Semantics Relationships Ph.D. 2015
Mehdi Kargar Keyword Search in Graphs, Relational Databases and Social Networks Ph.D. 2013
Martin Dimkovski A Novel Computational Model of Neocortical Columns with Glia as Learning Agent M.Sc. 2012
Ameeta Agrawal Unsupervised Emotion Detection from Text Using Semantic and Syntactic Relations M.Sc. 2011
Bahareh Sarrafzadeh Cross-lingual Word Sense Disambiguation for Languages with Scarce Resoucess M.Sc. 2011
Hashmatullah Rohian Discovering Temporal Associations among Significant Changes (co-supervised with Jimmy Huang) M.Sc. 2011
Damon Sotoudeh-Hosseini Detecting Partial Drifts Using a Rule Induction Framework M.Sc. 2010
Qian Wan Contrast and Compact Data Mining: Discovering Novel and Useful Patterns from Large Databases Ph.D. 2009
Miro Kuc Cluser Validation Indices: Sensitivity to Distance between Clusters and Affinity to Concurrency M.Sc. 2009
Yang Liu Review Mining from Online Media (co-supervised with Jimmy Huang) Ph.D. 2009
Vlad Gerchikov AV-Space with Paging and Performance Comparison M.Sc. 2008
Qingsong Yao Discovering and Using Database User Access Patterns Ph.D. 2006
Bill Andreopoulos Clustering Algorithms for Categorical Data (co-supervised with Steven Wang) Ph.D. 2006
Linyan Wang AV-Space for Efficiently Learning Classification Rules from Large Data Sets M.Sc. 2006
Yu Li Integrating XML Data for Virtual OLAP using XML Schemas and UML M.Sc. 2005
Yang Liu Markov Model-based Methods for Web User Clustering and Surfing Recommendation (co-supervised with Jimmy Huang) M.Sc. 2004
Ying Zou A Comparison and Selection of Methods for Handling Missing Data in Data Mining M.Sc. 2004
Zhirong Tao Scalable-CLUES: A Scalable Non-parametric Clustering Method Based on Local Shrinking M.Sc. 2004
Qian Wan Efficient Mining of Indirect Associations Using HI-mine M.Sc. 2003

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