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Mokhtar Aboelaze

Associate Professor
Mokhtar Aboelaze
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Lassonde Building, room 2026
Phone: (416) 736-2100 ext. 40607
Fax:   (416) 736-5872


Research Interests

My research interests are in the fields of computer networks, mobile networks, computer architecture, special purpose architecture for image processing..

Prospective students

For graduate studies, please send your application to the graduate school. You can send to me directly any supporting materials if you want to work in my research area, put I will wait to see all the applicants before I can decide to accept anyone.

I receive many requests asking for internship. Sorry I can not accept any. I just have enough funds for my graduate students.


Courses I am usually teaching (if it is not active, I am not teaching it this term)

Some Interesting Architecture and Networks Sites

Students (grad and undergrad)

here is an excellent article about how to read a book, it was written by Paul N. Edwards, The school of information, University of Michigan

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