Divine Joy


O God, my Lord and my Saviour,

My heart is filled with the joy of your presence.

My soul signs songs of exhilaration and contentment,

For you guide, protect and provide me

With your Divine Providence.


You teach me and impart wisdom upon me.

My faith is strengthened in patient endurance.

You constantly reassure me of your near presence,

Even when I walk through the darkness of the unknown,

Being reinforced by the hope of coming through victorious.


I diligently and patiently wait for the delightful realization

Of your Divinely designed promises.

They are sweeter than honey to my soul.

They bring calming reassurance of your providence.

I know that your goodness is my portion in every way.


I love to know your ways better and get closer to you.

O my merciful and loving Heavenly Father,

Strengthen my spirit and cast away all doubts.

Provide me with Divine revelation,

So that I can boldly praise your name to all people.


O Christ Jesus, Wisdom of the Heavenly Father,

I need to live in your love.

Help me, teach me, guide all my thoughts and ways.

Illuminate my spirit, so that I can see Your Divine ways

Within and around me more clearly.