picture gallery
At the Picasso Museum in Paris. Guess which one I am?
©Jack Minker? June 1991
An archer in the Musée d'Orsay.
©parke godfrey July 1991
Looking across the Hudson from the Cloisters in NYC.
©parke godfrey 29 December 2000
Sunset at Cape Hatteras, looking across the bay.
©parke godfrey 27 December 2004
Entering Bergen.
©parke godfrey 3 September 2005
A window box at the Jagdschloss Niederwald.
©parke godfrey 28 August 2005
The Eiffel Tower.
©parke godfrey June 1991
Chillin' in Ellicott City. When I was hip.
Dogwood blossoms on Monument Avenue in Richmond during the Easter Parade.
©parke godfrey 20 April 2003
A sign at Kensington Market.
©parke godfrey 9 April 2005
In Fuquay Varina.
©parke godfrey 26 December 2005