Introduction to Database Management Systems

Semester: Winter 2018
Course/Sect#: EECS-3421
Time: Monday 7:00PM
Location: SLH C
Course website:
Instructor: Jarek Gryz
Office: 2049 Lassonde Bldg.
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 11:30-noon
and by appointment
Ph#: 416-736-2100 x70150
T.A.: Niloy Eric Costa
Office: Lassonde 2053
Office Hours: MW 2-5PM TR 4-7PM
Project: 1A
T.A.: Wenxiao Fu
Office: Lassonde 2053
Office Hours:
Project: 1B, 2
T.A.: Bao Xin Chen
Office: Lassonde 2013
Office Hours: WF 3-4PM
Project: 3


Material Covered During the Strike

Course Materials (to accumulate over the semester)
The Course

Description (from the academic calendar)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of database management, including aspects of data models, database languages, and database design. At the end of this course, a student will be able to understand and apply the fundamental concepts required for the use and design of database management systems.

Course Objectives

Students will become proficient at modeling databases at a conceptual and physical level of design. Students will be able to develop database schemas that enforce data integrity. Students will also become knowledgeable in the creation, altering, and manipulation of tables, indexes, and views using relational algebra and SQL.

Specific topics to be covered include:

Learning Outcomes for the course:

After successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
Books / Reading

Required Textbook / Reading

Database Systems: The Complete Book
H. Garcia-Molina, J.D. Ullman, & J. Widom
2nd edition, 2009
Pearson / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-187325-3

Useful Books / Reading

Understanding the New SQL: A Complete Guide
First Edition, 1993.
Jim Melton and Alan R. Simon.
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.
ISBN: 1-55860-245-3
Using the New DB2: IBM's Object-Relational Database System
First Edition, 1996.
Don Chamberlin
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.
ISBN: 1-55860-373-5

Grading Criteria / Course Requirements

Percentage When
Midterm 30% Feb 26
Final Exam 40% TBA
Project 30% TBA

The grading policy is a standard one. The instructor will grade the exams. The TA will grade the projects.

York University's rules for academic honesty and plagiarism always remain in effect. Discussion is fine on the projects. However, collaboration is not. The work must be your own. Exams, of course, must be done on your own.

If you miss a test for good reason (e.g., illness with a medical document), your Final Exam grade will count for both the final exam and the missed test.

Course Policies

Policy on e-mail from students on course materials, and questions

Policy on project/test regrading or reappraisal

You have two weeks to request a project or test reappraisal. This is a strict deadline. The projects and the tests are marked by a TA. I have a fixed TA office hours budget and cannot ask them to work for free overtime. If you miss the two week deadline, your only option would be to submit a petition to the department after the end of the course.
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