COSC 5910.03: Administration

Winter 2002-2003

Late Assignments

Assignments that are handed in within three days after the due date will be assigned a penalty of 20 marks (i.e. your score out of 100 in the assignment will be reduced by 20 marks). After that, no late assignment will be accepted. The only way to get an extension without penalty is if you obtain an explicit permission from your professor by presenting a note from a medical doctor indicating that you were sick throughout a period that caused you to be unable to complete and deliver the assignment on time. You should hand in your assignment to your professor in person, with the medical note, as soon as possible.

Assignment Re-marking

If you believe there are errors in the marking of your assignment, submit the assignment to your professor along with a reappraisal form detailing why you think it should be re-marked. Your mark may be increased or decreased after re-marking. The deadline for re-marking is two weeks after the marked assignments have been handed back to the students. No re-marking request will be considered after that deadline.

Last Updated: 01/08/2003