COSC 5910.03: Course Evaluation

Winter 2002-2003


Note: Conversion from numeric to letter grade is done for the overall mark only and in accordance with the following departmental standard:

F E D D+ C C+ B B+ A A+
<40 >=40 >=50 >=55 >=60 >=65 >=70 >=75 >=80 >=90


Assignments are formal pieces of work, and are handed in for detailed marking. You may choose to work in groups of two. Collaboration on assignments, in the form of copying code, segments of code, documentation or testing strategies from other people, or solving the assignment in groups (other than the allowed groups of two), is considered to be academic dishonesty and can potentially lead to expulsion from the University. Assignments are to be submitted on the due date by 5:30.

Assignments are marked on three categories: Each receives a grade of Excellent, Standard, Poor or Not Performed. Excellent means the work was of exceptionally high quality while Standard means it was at the level normally expected of 5910 students. Poor means the work was not satisfactory.

Last Updated: 01/08/2003