Lights and Camera

Funding agency:  Communications and Information Technology Ontario

Principal Investigator: Yves Lespérance, Department of Computer Science, York University

Other Team Members:
Michael Jenkin, Department of Computer Science, York University
Piotr Jasiobedzki, MacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd.

Duration:  2 years  (2003 -- 2005)


Remote visual imagery is used in applications from mining, to assisting spaceships to dock, to guiding endoscopic probes. A fundamental problem in using remote visual imagery is that there is often insufficient natural light available, and the sensors are typically augmented with one or more remote lights to provide the appropriate illumination. Controlling these lights so that they provide appropriate illumination throughout the scene, and combining images acquired under different lighting conditions so that the images can be readily understood by a human or software process is a complex task. Under this project we developed a software tool to automatically determine how should these lights be controlled intelligently, and to combine imagery obtained under different lighting conditions into a single image suitable for use by a human operator or a computer vision system.

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