Logic-Based Agent Programming

Funding agency:  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Principal Investigator:
Yves Lespérance, Department of Computer Science, York University

Duration:  4 years  (2000 -- 2004)


With the advent of the World Wide Web and electronic commerce, trends in software are towards open systems, more integration across applications, and systems that can adapt to change. In response to this, many developers are starting to adopt agent-oriented architectures, where a system is composed of agents, autonomous entities that can interact in flexible ways, for instance through negotiation, while working towards their goals and reacting to changes in the environment. However, such flexibility cannot be achieved without imparting some intelligence to some of the agents through the use of knowledge-based architectures, automated planning, etc. This project is concerned with the design of a programming language for intelligent agents called IndiGolog. This language allows agent behaviors to be defined in terms of high-level actions, supports the generation of new plans, and allows plans to be executed adaptively in changing environments. The language is being used to implement robot controllers, business process modeling tools, and personal assistants for tasks such as meeting scheduling.

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