Type of camera 35mm single-lens reflex

Picture format 24mm X 36mm (standard 35 mm film format)

Lens mount Nikon bayonet mount

Lenses More than 60 Nikkor and Nikon Series E lenses available

Viewfinder Fixed eyelevel pentaprism type; 0.8X magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; 93/0 frame coverage; eye piece shutter provided

Focusing screen Matte/Fresnel focusing screen with central split-image rangefinder spot and microprism collar (Nikon Type K2 screen); two other types of screens available optionally (Type B2 and E2)

Exposure metering TTL full-aperture exposure measurement; employs two silicon photo diodes (SPD's) with automatic multi-pattern and centerweighted metering methods; selection of metering method via metering control button

Automatic multi-pattern metering: Light is individually measured from five separate areas of focusing screen, providing correct automatic exposure, even in difficult lighting situations

Centerweighted metering: Major portion of meter's sensitivity concentrated in 12mm dia. center spot of focusing screen

Exposure meter Meter turned on when shutter release switch button is depressed halfway; meter stays on for approx. 16 sec. after finger is lifted off button

Metering range EV1 to EV20 at ASA/ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens

Automatic multi-pattern metering: EV1 to EV16-1/3 at ASA/ISO 100 with 50mmf/1.4 lens.

Centerweighted metering: EV1 to EV20 at ASA/ISO 100 with 50mmf/1.4 lens.

Exposure control Three automatic exposure modes: P (programmed), S (shutter-priority) and A (aperture-priority); M (manual) exposure mode also provided

P mode: Shutter speed and aperture are both set automatically and steplessly; normal program operative with all Al-type lenses. high-speed program operative with Al S Nikkor and Nikon Series E lens of 135mm or longer

S mode: Shutter speed set manually while aperture is set automatically and steplessly; shutter speed automatically corrected for correct exposure in case shutter speed you set is improper.

A mode: Aperture set manually while shutter speed is set automatically and steplessly

M mode: Both aperture and shutter speed set manually.

Exposure P mode: Viewfinder LCD shows information discrete shutter speed closest to automatically selected speed; LCD also shows HI or Lo indication to warn of over- or underexposure or FEE to warn of aperture missetting.

S mode: LCD shows discrete f-number closest to automatically selected aperture or discrete shutter speed closest to automatically selected speed when manually set shutter speed is improper; LCD also shows HI or Lo to warn of over or under exposure or FEE to warn of aperture missetting; manually set shutter speed always shown via shutter speed indication.

A mode: LCD shows discrete shutter speed closest to automatically selected speed; LCD also shows HI or Lo to warn of over- or underexposure; manually set aperture always shown via ADR window.

M mode: LCD shows manually set shutter speed preceded by M; -+ indicates correct exposure with + or - indicating over or underexposure; manually set aperture always shown via ADR window.

Exposure compensation 2 EV compensation (in one-third increments) possible via dial; red LED exposure compensation mark visible in viewfinder when meter is on.

Film speed range ASA/ISO 12 to 4000

Shutter Electromagnetically controlled vertical travel, metal focal plane shutter with titanium curtains.

Shutter speeds Stepless speed f rom 1 to 1/4000 sec. in automatic exposure modes (except S mode); ceramic-oscillator-controlled discrete speeds from 1 to 1/4000 sec. in S and M modes; mechanically controlled, 1/250 sec. at M250 setting and long exposure at B setting available.

Film advance lever Wound in single stroke with 30 stand-off angle and 135 winding angle; doubles as shutter release button lock

Automatic film advance Possible with optional Motor Drive MD-15 or MD-12

Frame counter Additive type, self-resetting: for blank exposures before frame 1, shutter fires at 1/250 sec at any shutter speed dial setting except B

Film rewind Via folding crank and rewind button in baseplate

Self timer 10 sec. delayed exposure

Eyepiece shutter Prevents stray light from entering viewfinder during unmanned operation

Depth-of-field preview leverProvides visual verification of depth of field; with lever depressed, center weighted metering only available

Reflex mirror Automatic instant-return type

Multiple exposures Possible via lever

Camera back Hinged interchangeable type with memo holder; interchangeable with Data Back MF-16 or MF-12

Data back contacts Two contacts are provided for the Data Back MF-16

Handgrip Detachable type provides comfortable shooting; must be detached when attaching motor drive

Accessory shoe Standard ISO-type contains hot-shoe contact, ready-light contact. TTL flash auto-stop signal contact and monitor contact; accepts Nikon SB-15, SB-16B or SB-18 for TTL direct flash output control using camera's SPD metering cell.

Sync terminal Threaded type provided for off-camera or multiple flash photography

Flash synchronization Speeds of 1/250 sec or slower with electronic flash: with Nikon dedicated flash unit, flash sync automatically set to 1/250 sec when camera is set at any automatic exposure mode or when shutter speed set at 1/500 or higher in manual mode; at slower speed on manual, shutter fires at speed set

Flash ready-light Viewfinder LED lights up when Nikon dedicated flash unit is completely recycled; blinks to warn of insufficient light output or improper shutter speed dial or film speed setting

Batteries One 3V lithium battery, two 1.55V silver-oxide batteries or two 1.5V alkaline-manganese batteries

Dimensions Approx, 142.5mm (W) x 92mm (H) x 64.5rnm (D)

Weight (body only) Approx 625 g

Nikon FA/Speedlight Combination Chart

Speedlight Connection Flash ready light indication Shutter auto set to 1/250 sec. Modes
SB-19 direct provided yes auto
SB-18 direct provided yes TTL, manual
SB-17 via AS-6 coupler provided yes auto, manual, MD
SB-16A via AS-6 coupler provided yes auto, manual, MD
SB-16B direct provided yes TTL, auto,manual,MD
SB-15 direct provided yes TTL,auto,manual,MD
SB-11/14 via SC-11 sync cord

via SC-13 sensor cord

not provided




auto, manual

auto, manual

SB-12 via AS-6 coupler provided yes manual
SB-10 direct provided yes auto, manual
SB-7E via AS-2 coupler not provided no auto, manual
SB-6 via SC-6 sync cord

via AS-2 with SC-9 extension cord (w/SU-1)

not provided

not provided




auto, manual

SB-E direct provided yes auto
TTL = Through the lens MD=Motor Drive


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