Type of camera 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Manual focus, electronically controlled focal plane shutter.

Usable film Any cartridge type 35mm film

Lens mount Nikon bayonet

Lens usable AI / AIS / AF / AFS

Lens not usable Non-AI (Requires AI modification) - AI-converted 55mm/1.2 Ser.# 184711-400000, AI-converted 28mm/3.5 Ser.# 625611-999999, AI-converted 35mm/1.4 Ser.# 385001-400000, Fisheye 6mm/5.6 (Requires MLU) - Fisheye 10mm/5.6 OP (Requires MLU) - PC-Nikkor 28/4 below ser.# 180901- PC-Nikkor 35/2.8 ser. # between 851000-906201 - Reflex Nikkor 1000mm/11 ser. # below 1430000 - Reflex Nikkor 2000mm/11 ser. # below 200311- PC Nikkor 28mm/4 below ser# 180900, PC Nikkor 35mm/2.8 Ser.# 851001-906200, Zoom Nikkor 200-600mm/9.5 ser. # below 301922- Zoom Nikkor ED 180-600mm/8 ser. # below 174180 - Zoom Nikkor ED 360-1200mm/11 ser. # below 174127 - Focusing unit AU-1.

Shutter Electronically controlled vertical travel, metal focal plane. Shutter release accepts AR-3 screw type cable release. Pressing lightly on the shutter release activates metering circuit, the meter remains on for approx. 16 sec. after removing your finger and then shuts off automatically.

Shutter speeds Stepless from 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. on P(Program) and A (Auto) mode; 11 speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. on Manual mode; mechanical 1/90 sec at M90 (mechanical shutter setting, no battery required) setting and long exposure on B setting.

P(Program) mode Light intensity feed-back; shutter speed and aperture set automatically and steplessly.

A(Auto) mode Aperture priority; aperture set manually and shutter speed set automatically.

Manual mode Aperture and shutter set manually.

Audio Warning Signal Warning sound activated when shutter release is pushed half way in if shutter is approx. 1/30 sec and below or above 1/1000 sec. Can be turned off via lever locared adjacent to film advance lever.

Viewfinder Fixed eyelevel pentaprism; 0.84 magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; 92% frame coverage.

Viewfinder display Shutter speed with LED display; exposure warning signal, flash ready.

Focusing screen Fixed. Matte/Fresnel with split image rangefinder spot and microprism (K2 screen).

Reflex mirror Automatic instant return.

Self timer 10 second delayed; setting cancellable.

Memory lock Not provided.

Multiple exposure Not provided.

Mirror lock up (MLU) Not provided.

Flash TTL; hot shoe provided; M90 setting for 1/90 second sync. Flash ready light provided within viewfinder.

Exposure metering Through the lens, center weighted, full aperture with AI/AIS/AF/AFS and most (with exceptions, see above) AI modified lens. Auto and program exposure. Meter does not work in M90 or B and viewfinder LED's don't light.

Metering range EV 1 to EV 18 at ASA/ISO 100 with 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Exposure compensation Provided; +/- 2 EV in 1/2 increments.

Film speed ASA/ISO 12 to ASA/ISO 3200

Film winding Single stroke lever. Lever also serves as shutter release lock. Accepts MD-14 (3.2 fps-2fps) or MD-E (1.5fps) auto film winder

Frame counter Additive, auto reset to S when back is opened.

Film rewind By crank after rewind button is depressed.

Depth of Field (DOF) Preview Not provided.

Camera back Interchangeable. Standard - hinged, swing open, removable, memo holder provided. Accepts data back MF-15.

Battery (1) one 3V lithium or (2) two 1.55V silver-oxide or (3) two 1.5V alkaline-manganese batteries. Battery is used for shutter timer (digital quartz timing), audio warning and metering.

Dimensions Approx. 136.0 mm(W) x 87.5mm(H) x 54.0mm(D)

Weight Approximately 490g.

FG / flash unit - combinations functions provided.



Flash ready light

Shutter auto set 1/90

Usable modes



Provided Yes Auto
SB-18 Direct Provided Yes TTL, Manual
SB-17 Via AS-6 Provided Yes Auto, Manual, Motor Drive
SB-16A Via AS-6 Provided Yes Auto, Manual, Motor Drive
SB-16B Direct Provided Yes Auto, Manual, Motor Drive
SB-15 Direct Provided Yes Auto, Manual, Motor Drive

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