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Regrettably, this list is very incomplete and out-of-date.

N. Wirth, J. Gutknecht
Rob Pike <>
Help and Acme
Gary Capell <>
Wily first draft, and versions upto wily-0.13.41
Bill Trost <>
too many patches, bugfixes, ideas to list
fixed listen() race condition
stripnulls bug
expanded address stuff
better env.c
reduce excessive redraws
fix for next_width bug
much of the messaging design
"undo" bugfix
Dot builtin
Ozan Yigit <>
Wily's current maintainer
Steve Kilbane
integrated sam's regexp
Richard Wolff
sunos4 patches,
msg.c bugfix
use salloc, srealloc in sam regexp stuff
Arnold Robbins
cleanup wilyfifo
ignore SIGPIPE
Assar <>
autoconfig stuff
Scott Schwartz
prevent $TMPDIR replacing /tmp in tag
fix to wily/sam.c:/^error_c
path.c - nextstr pathfind searchincludedirs
Mark H. Wilkinson <>
fix ESC bug
use $WILYBAK as the backup directory
bug in delpane
snarf/paste use X clipboard
memory overrun in libmsg/util.c:/^stripnulls
Bjorn Helgaas <>
fix bug when scrolling one-line window
bug in event.c
Font builtin
better scrolling
Local builtin
nicer scroll_init
FILENAME_MAX -> MAXPATHLEN in libmsg/connect.c
Kyle <>
bug: in win.c
Davor Cubranic <>
bugs: New window has no cursor, Look in empty window dumps core
Rich Salz,
Beirne Konarski,
Scott Schwartz
Daniel Neri <>
"Split" bug-report
Stephen Gallimore <>
pathfind patch






Differences between Wily and Acme

Are detailed in another file