This site is a brainchild of prof Hamzeh Roumani

This unique stock exchange provides a framework for analyzing stocks in a pedagogically minded setting.

It supports two classes of special symbols:
.LL (L=any letter) simulates 676 companies with prices that are functions of real time.
HR.L simulates 26 static stocks suitable for conducting reproducible tests.

For the .LL symbols, generating stochastic prices involves the superposition of three patterns:
A steady linear rise of about $1 per year with a granularity of 1 second
A high frequency wave of amplitude 5 cents and a period of 1 minute
A low frequency wave with amplitude $1, a period of 1 year, and a phase shift based on the distance between the stock symbol and .AA

The seemingly random pattern of price variation is due to the interference fringes of the two waves, and this pattern changes from one stock to the next thanks to the phase shift that depends on the inter-symbol distance metric.

Stock Symbol