STeP-E: The Stanford Temporal Prover
(Educational version)

This release is: 1.3. Please still be patient with any bugs or problems, and report them to:; send comments or questions to

This is the main page for STeP's online help. We have documentation on setup and installation and customizing your environment variables, as well as the three main components of the system:

  • The Top-Level Prover.

  • The Interactive Prover.

  • Verification Diagrams and the Verification Diagram Editor.
  • We also have help on specification of programs, transition systems and formulas.

    Here is information on the STeP Development Team.

    You should be on the STeP mailing list, where announcements about new releases, bug fixes, etc. will appear. If you are not on the list (or want to be removed from it) send mail to

    About this Educational Version: This is the only currently available version of STeP, and concentrates on safety properties. Liveness properties may be established using verification diagrams.