COSC 4441 3.0 "Human Computer Interaction"

Summer 2005 (Heraclion)
Course Director: C. Stephanidis, Director ICS.


The course provides an introductory overview of Human-Computer Interaction, and addresses the following topics: the human, the computer and their interaction; knowledge frameworks, perception, representation and memory; design issues; user interfaces development lifecycle for interactive systems; user interface software development; separation of the user interface software from the functional core; principles, rules and models for human-centered design; task analysis; ergonomics, human factors and usability; design guidelines, standards and style guides; user support and guidance; documentation; user interface evaluation; interfacing to the World Wide Web; Human-Computer Interaction in the context of the emerging Information Society.


The students' assessment will be based upon examinations of project work that will be carried out in the context of the course. The project will consist of five phases, namely User Requirements Elicitation, Task analysis, Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a given software application.  The detailed timetable  for the course syllabus is here.

Prerequisites: General prerequisites, and COSC3461 3.0.