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java.awt.dnd Provides interfaces and classes for supporting drag-and-drop operations. 

Uses of DropTargetListener in java.awt.dnd

Classes in java.awt.dnd that implement DropTargetListener
 class DropTarget
           The DropTarget is associated with a Component, when that Component wishes to accept Drops during Drag and Drop operations.

Methods in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type DropTargetListener
 void DropTarget.addDropTargetListener(DropTargetListener dtl)
          Add a new DropTargetListener (UNICAST SOURCE)
 void DropTarget.removeDropTargetListener(DropTargetListener dtl)
          Remove the current DropTargetListener (UNICAST SOURCE)

Constructors in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type DropTargetListener
DropTarget.DropTarget(Component c, int ops, DropTargetListener dtl, boolean act, FlavorMap fm)
          Construct a DropTarget
DropTarget.DropTarget(Component c, int ops, DropTargetListener dtl, boolean act)
          Construct a DropTarget
DropTarget.DropTarget(Component c, DropTargetListener dtl)
          Construct a DropTarget
DropTarget.DropTarget(Component c, int ops, DropTargetListener dtl)
          Construct a DropTarget

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