Java Platform 1.2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Externalizable
java.awt.datatransfer Provides interfaces and classes for transferring data between and within applications. 
java.rmi.server Provides classes and interfaces for supporting the server side of RMI. 

Uses of Externalizable in java.awt.datatransfer

Classes in java.awt.datatransfer that implement Externalizable
 class DataFlavor
          Each instance represents the opaque concept of a data format as would appear on a clipboard, during drag and drop, or in a file system.

Uses of Externalizable in java.rmi.server

Subinterfaces of Externalizable in java.rmi.server
 interface RemoteRef
          RemoteRef represents the handle for a remote object.
 interface ServerRef
          A ServerRef represents the server-side handle for a remote object implementation.

Java Platform 1.2

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