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Packages that use ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
java.rmi.activation Provides support for RMI Object Activation. 

Uses of ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment in java.rmi.activation

Methods in java.rmi.activation that return ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
 ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment ActivationGroupDesc.getCommandEnvironment()
          Returns the group's command-environment control object.

Constructors in java.rmi.activation with parameters of type ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment
ActivationGroupDesc.ActivationGroupDesc(Properties overrides, ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment cmd)
          Constructs a group descriptor that uses system default for group implementation and code location.
ActivationGroupDesc.ActivationGroupDesc(String className, String location, MarshalledObject data, Properties overrides, ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment cmd)
          Specifies an alternate group implementation and execution environment to be used for the group.

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