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Packages that use AbstractUndoableEdit
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.undo Provides support for undo/redo capabilities in an application such as a text editor. 

Uses of AbstractUndoableEdit in javax.swing.text

Subclasses of AbstractUndoableEdit in javax.swing.text
 class AbstractDocument.DefaultDocumentEvent
          Stores document changes as the document is being modified.
static class AbstractDocument.ElementEdit
          An implementation of ElementChange that can be added to the document event.
static class DefaultStyledDocument.AttributeUndoableEdit
          An UndoableEdit used to remember AttributeSet changes to an Element.

Uses of AbstractUndoableEdit in javax.swing.undo

Subclasses of AbstractUndoableEdit in javax.swing.undo
 class CompoundEdit
          A concrete subclass of AbstractUndoableEdit, used to assemble little UndoableEdits into great big ones.
 class StateEdit
          StateEdit is a general edit for objects that change state.
 class UndoManager
          Concrete subclass of CompoundEdit which can serve as an UndoableEditListener, consolidating the UndoableEditEvents from a variety of sources, and undoing or redoing them one at a time.

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