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Packages that use OutputStream
org.omg.CORBA Provides the mapping of the OMG CORBA APIs to the JavaTM programming language, including the class ORB, which is implemented so that a programmer can use it as a fully-functional Object Request Broker (ORB). 
org.omg.CORBA.portable Provides a portability layer, that is, a set of ORB APIs that makes it possible for code generated by one vendor to run on another vendor's ORB. 
org.omg.CosNaming Provides the naming service for Java IDL. 
org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage Provides the exceptions used in the package org.omg.CosNaming (AlreadyBound, CannotProceed, InvalidName, NotEmpty, and NotFound) and also the Helper and Holder classes for those exceptions. 

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA

Methods in org.omg.CORBA that return OutputStream
abstract  OutputStream ORB.create_output_stream()
          Creates a new org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream into which IDL method parameters can be marshalled during method invocation.
abstract  OutputStream Any.create_output_stream()
          Creates an output stream into which this Any object's value can be marshalled.

Methods in org.omg.CORBA with parameters of type OutputStream
 void FixedHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the fixed point value stored in this holder to an OutputStream.
 void ServiceInformationHolder._write(OutputStream out)
          Marshals the value in this ServiceInformationHolder object's value field to the output stream out.
static void ServiceDetailHelper.write(OutputStream out, ServiceDetail that)
 void TypeCodeHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this TypeCodeHolder object.
 void PrincipalHolder._write(OutputStream output)
 void CharHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this CharHolder object.
 void ObjectHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ObjectHolder object.
 void AnyHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this AnyHolder object.
 void StringHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value held by this StringHolder object to the output stream output.
 void ByteHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ByteHolder object.
abstract  void Any.write_value(OutputStream os)
          Writes out to the given output stream the typecode and value of this Any object.
 void LongHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in the Holder.
 void ShortHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals to output the value in this ShortHolder object.
 void FloatHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the float value into an output stream.
static void ServiceInformationHelper.write(OutputStream out, ServiceInformation that)
 void DoubleHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Write the double value stored in this holder to an OutputStream.
 void IntHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value in this IntHolder object's value field to the output stream output.
 void BooleanHolder._write(OutputStream output)
          Marshals the value in this BooleanHolder object's value field to the output stream output.

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CORBA.portable

Methods in org.omg.CORBA.portable that return OutputStream
 OutputStream ObjectImpl._request(String operation, boolean responseExpected)
          _request is called by a stub to obtain an OutputStream for marshaling arguments.
 OutputStream Delegate.request(Object self, String operation, boolean responseExpected)
          request is called by a stub to obtain an OutputStream for marshaling arguments.
 OutputStream InvokeHandler._invoke(String method, InputStream input, ResponseHandler handler)
          Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant.
 OutputStream ResponseHandler.createReply()
          Called by the servant during a method invocation.
 OutputStream ResponseHandler.createExceptionReply()
          Called by the servant during a method invocation.

Methods in org.omg.CORBA.portable with parameters of type OutputStream
 InputStream ObjectImpl._invoke(OutputStream output)
          _invoke is called to invoke an operation.
 InputStream Delegate.invoke(Object self, OutputStream output)
          invoke is called by a stub to invoke an operation.
 void Streamable._write(OutputStream ostream)
          Marshals to ostream the value in the value field of the Holder.

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CosNaming

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming with parameters of type OutputStream
 void BindingTypeHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void BindingListHelper.write(OutputStream out, Binding[] that)
 void BindingHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void NameHelper.write(OutputStream out, NameComponent[] that)
static void IstringHelper.write(OutputStream out, String that)
 void NamingContextHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void BindingIteratorHelper.write(OutputStream out, BindingIterator that)
static void NameComponentHelper.write(OutputStream out, NameComponent that)
static void BindingTypeHelper.write(OutputStream out, BindingType that)
static void NamingContextHelper.write(OutputStream out, NamingContext that)
 void NameHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void BindingHelper.write(OutputStream out, Binding that)
 void BindingListHolder._write(OutputStream out)
 void BindingIteratorHolder._write(OutputStream out)
 void NameComponentHolder._write(OutputStream out)

Uses of OutputStream in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage

Methods in org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage with parameters of type OutputStream
static void NotEmptyHelper.write(OutputStream out, NotEmpty that)
static void NotFoundHelper.write(OutputStream out, NotFound that)
static void NotFoundReasonHelper.write(OutputStream out, NotFoundReason that)
 void InvalidNameHolder._write(OutputStream out)
 void CannotProceedHolder._write(OutputStream out)
 void NotFoundHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void CannotProceedHelper.write(OutputStream out, CannotProceed that)
 void AlreadyBoundHolder._write(OutputStream out)
 void NotEmptyHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void InvalidNameHelper.write(OutputStream out, InvalidName that)
 void NotFoundReasonHolder._write(OutputStream out)
static void AlreadyBoundHelper.write(OutputStream out, AlreadyBound that)

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