Last updated: 2011 March 26


This page describes how to use the SGML tagging style of FlexOr frames.


The document FlexOr Frame Structure (pdf 19 pages) describes the implemented tags, tag attributes and contains instructions for writing macros, and including mathematics and eps files in FlexOr frames.

Weaving and Tangling

To execute the program on Prism you need to have the environment variable CLASSPATH set to include the following path.
I have the following definition for the CLASSPATH but you may already have a definition, which you need to modify.
        setenv CLASSPATH ".:/cs/dept/www/java/bin:/cs/dept/www/java/bin/FlexOr"
On Prism the following command brings up the weave and tangle program
        java FlexOr.sgml.Start &
A display panel appears.

Enter the input file name. I sugggest you use the browse button as the full path must be given. By convention FlexOr frames using the SGML tagging style have the extension ".jfx" for frames with Java programs, ".cfx" for for frames with C and C++ programs, ".efx" for frames with Eiffel programs, and ".sfx" for for non-program frames, where the frame will not be tangled but consists of mathematics and documentation.

Enter the output file name. I suggest you use the browser for the input file name as then the input file name is copied to the output file name with the last 2 characters removed.

Then select either the

Example frames

To produce your own documents you can cut the parts that you do not need from an example frame and replace with your own documentation and program text.