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DY-4 Systems Collection

Historical Note: DY-4 Systems Inc. was an Ottawa-based high technology company founded by four engineers Garry Dool, Terry Black, Kim Clohessy, and Steve Richards in 1979.

In the early 1980s, DY-4 designed and manufactured a variety of products including microcomputers (the ORION series), graphics terminals, and STD bus board level products (including single-board computers).

In the second half of the 1980s, the company shifted its attention to the development and manufacturing of products for harsh environments. A wide range of products based on VME bus architecture was offered for applications in areas such as air traffic control, tactical command, control and communication, flight management for airborne applications, ground tactical support, process control, and robotics. The products included single-board computers, memory modules, intelligent peripheral controllers, special function modules, and I/O modules.

By 1993, when DY-4 went public, the company was already a technological leader in the ruggedized embedded computing market providing open systems board-level products, support systems and related software to harsh environment systems integrators. DY-4 products found their way to new generations of tanks, submarines, airplanes and spacecraft in many countries around the world.

The company entered the 21st century retaining its premier position as embedded computing solutions provider in the defense and aerospace industries.

In 2004, after a series of acquisitions, DY-4 business was bought from Solectron (Milpitas, Ca) by defense contractor Curtiss-Wright Corp. (Roseland, N.J.).

Scope and Content: The DY-4 Collection consists of six main categories: Hardware, Software, Manuals and Guides, Promotional Material, Corporate Documents, and Newsletters and Other Publications.

Acquisition: The objects in the collection have been donated or acquired from: Dave Dunfield, Mati Sauks, and Zbigniew Stachniak.

Index Terms: DY-4, DY4

HARDWARE, computers (excluding single-board computers)
  • Challenger I microcomputer
  • DSM 6816 microcomputer
  • Orion V microcomputer
  • Standalone DY-4 SVME-bus computer, model 126LF [MS]. The computer contains the following DY-4 SVME modules: 101, 155, and 203.
  • Rack mounted SDK computer system consisting of 2 cages of SDK boards and 2 power supply's. DY-4 Systems, Product Number FA-85-0159. The system includes the following STD modules: 102, 188, 325, 401, and 711. It also includes the XYZFL-II board.
HARDWARE, single-board computers, modules and cages
  • DY00475-H-A1-3 board (1983)
  • DSTD764 single board microcomputer (1982)
  • STD modules: 102, 187, 188, 199, 325, 328, 401, 406, 469, 711
  • DVME single-board computers: 102, 105, 134, 712
  • DVME other modules: 134, 201, 704, 706, 715, 750
  • SVME modules: 101, 155, 203
  • DSTD-812, 12 Slot STD compatible system card cage
  • DY-4 Board Cage DY00448-D-11-1
  • DY-4 6 Slot back plane DY00447-H-A1-4
  • DY-4 6 Slot back plane DY00447-D-A1-6
  • DY-4 Orion software (1980s), created by DY-4 Systems Inc. and Carleton University
  • DY-4 Orion software (1982-3) created by Craig Honegger and Mati Sauks
  • DY-4 Dynasty related software (three 5.25" floppy disks)
  • DY-4 Dynasty 2.10 software (three 8" floppy disks)
  • Various DY-4 software (on Micropolis hard drive, model Number 1302)
  • DSTD-101 CPU and Parallel I/O Operators Manual (copy), DY00439, DY-4 (January 15, 1983)
  • DSTD-102 CPU and Parallel I/O Operation Manual (copy), DY00459, DY-4 (January 18, 1983, and July 1983)
  • DSTD-188 CPU and Serial I/O Operations Manual (copy), oM918800-XX-1, DY-4 (April 10, 1983)
  • DSTD-201 Serial/Parallel I/O Operations Manual, rev. B(copy), DY00438, DSTD-201-M, DY-4 (April 10, 1983)
  • DSTD-202 Quad Serial Communications Module Operations Manual, rev. B(copy), DY00446-H-A1-1, OM-STD202-999-1, DY-4 (January 24, 1983)
  • DSTD-328 256K Dynamic Memory for the DSTD-188 8088 Card, rev. A, DY00513, DSTD-328-M, DY-4 (April 10, 1983)
  • DSTD-401 RS-422 Serial Interface with DMA Operations Manual, rev. C (copy), DY00460, DSTD-401-M, DY-4 (August 31, 1984)
  • DSTD-402 Parallel Interface Adapter (Winchester Interface), rev. A (copy), DY00461, DSTD-402-M, DY-4 (198?)
  • DSTD-503 Bytewide Memory Card (copy), DY00489, DY-4 (December 3, 1982)
  • DSTD-703 Multi Functional Calendar/Clock Card (copy), OM970300-XXX-4, DY-4 (December 10, 1983)
  • DSTD-711 Dual Density Floppy Disk Controller with DMA and 64K Dynamic RAM, rev. A (copy), DY00483, DSTD-711-M, DY-4 (December 1, 1982)
  • DSTD-777 High Resolution Graphics Controller Operations Manual, rev. A (copy), OM977700-XXX-2, DY-4 (198?)
  • DSTD-806 8=Slot STD Card Cage Operations Manual (copy), OM-STD806-999-003, DY-4 (March 7, 1983)
  • Orion V Operations Manual, rev. B (copy), no. DY00468, DY-4 (198?)
  • Challenger I dynasty Users Manual (copy), no. DY00497 revision B, DY-4 (January, 1983)
  • Harmony RTOS reference manual, Taurus Computer Products a division of DY-4, (1989)
  • DYNASTY 3.0 Reference Manual, release 3.0, Beta 003, no. RM-OS:DYN-3.0-001, DY-4 (1984)
  • DY-4 1982 Product Line Short Form Catalogue
  • From Boards to Systems... the Short Form Catalogue from DY-4, DY-4 (1986)
  • DY-4 1987 Product Catalogue
  • a folder of six DY-4 promo documents (c. mid 1980s)
  • DY-4 VME 1995 product catalog
  • a folder of DY-4 promotional brochures (2001, 2002)
  • DY-4 Systems Inc. 2003 Product Catalog (CDRom)
  • DY4 Systems Inc. 1999 Annual Report (digital copy)
  • DY-4 Dyalogue, vol.2, issues 2 and 3 (1986), vol.2, issues 4 and 5 (1987)
  • DY4 Systems Investor Insight, vol. 1, no 1, no 1 supplement, and 2 (1998); vol. 2, numbers 1--4 (1999); vol. 3, no 1 (2000)
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